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Skip Intro Design is the one-stop-shop for website design, publication and administration providing clients an affordable and hassle free route to an Effective Web Presence.

Throughout the process we work closely with you to ensure your website impacts your target market, and represents your business as you wish the world to see you.

The design rates are based on 15 years of costing out web projects.
Please note that the following rates are basic rates and are subject to change.
* GST (5%) applies to all costs.

Site Design

Graphical Concept (includes 2 design revisions) $400

Site Development

Up to 6 pages $900
7 to 15 pages $1800
16 to 30 pages $2500
Over 30 pages TBD
Implementing custom functionality TBD

WordPress installation

WordPress website (system installation and theme customization) from $1100
Implementing custom functionality TBD

Newsletter Email Design

Account setup and creating custom template $250
Regular newsletter based on template $150
HTML Coding, upload code, testing $45/h

General Maintenance (Hourly Rates)

Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools Installation, SEO $35/h
HTML Coding $45/h
Graphic Design, Programming, Custom Scripts Installation $55/h