The design rates are based on 15 years of costing out web projects.
Please note that the following rates are basic rates and are subject to change.
* GST (5%) applies to all costs.

Site Design

Graphical Concept (includes 2 design revisions) $400

Site Development

Up to 6 pages $900
7 to 15 pages $1800
16 to 30 pages $2500
Over 30 pages TBD
Implementing custom functionality TBD

WordPress installation

WordPress website (system installation and theme customization) from $1100
Implementing custom functionality TBD

Newsletter Email Design

Account setup and creating custom template $250
Regular newsletter based on template $150
HTML Coding, upload code, testing $45/h

General Maintenance (Hourly Rates)

Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools Installation, SEO $35/h
HTML Coding $45/h
Graphic Design, Programming, Custom Scripts Installation $55/h